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MFA Constitution
MFA Constitution Nov 2019

Play By The Rules

The Club encourages all volunteers within the club (coaches, managers & committee) to complete the online Pay by the Rules “Child Protection” course.

Play By The Rules

Technical Areas

Please be reminded that the technical area is for players, coaches and managers only. Injured players on crutches, suspended players, wives, girlfriends, mates, kids etc are not permitted to be in this area.

The referee’s have been advised of this reminder so that they are aware of the MDSFA stance in regard to this policy. Please be mindful that the Referee may stop a game and ask that all non necessary people be removed from this area.

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Please refer to the information links below in relation to heat related issues and other policies.

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Unofficial Referree Guidelines

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Football NSW Lightning Safety


Beat the heat fact sheet

Information on heat stress

Hot weather guidlines

FNSW Smoking Policy

FNSW Pregnancy Policy

FNSW Playing Above Age Group Guideline